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Gautam and Associates is a Law firm based in India and Dubai. We have our office in Mumbai and Bhopal. and we serve our client with all the legal and entertainment law problems in Dubai as well. Gautam and Associate was formed by Mr. Suraj Gautam with and intention of solving law problems for their clients. 

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Services at Gautam and Associate is Award Winning and we have earned several achievements in our Respective Fields.

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We at Gautam and Associate provide best Legal advices for all your cases related to Entertainment, Civil, Criminal, Real Estate (RERA).


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About The Founder

With a BBALLB (hons.) degree from JLU and registration in the Bombay High Court, Suraj Gautam has acquired 10 years of legal experience in the Indian film industry. His expertise lies in entertainment and civil industries, and he has collaborated with numerous renowned production houses, entities, and celebrities, providing them with comprehensive legal support.

Awards & Recognitions

Top University Lawyers

Each and every lawyer associated in with Gautam and associates are allum of top and well known university of India and dubai.

Registered Lawyers

You can be stress free and trust on our services as all our attorney holds a deep understanding of cases and are registered in Top Courts

Experience Holders

We have dedicated decades in law industries solving many difficult and crucial cases. and successfully provided justice to our clients.

Our Practice Areas

We work for selective field/area and are best on what we do. we deal on what we are best at and try to improve on these selective field day by day.


Entertainment industry is one of the largest industry in India, The larger the industry is higher the possibility...


There are many cases registered in our legal books which are fake allegations and due to which many...


We take care of your rights and values. according to index there are more than 60%* civil cases which are not heard...


We help you to get secured property deals, 30% of the property sold and purchased gets involved in froud...

Entertainment Law

One Legal firm for entire Entertainment Industry. We provide all the legal services related to Entertainment and make sure that the process is hassle free and provide best Return on Investment (ROI)




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